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Make a bag attachable & rezzable


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Okay so I'm making a bag containing items to give.

I want the bag to be both rezzable and attachable.

It's nicely sized & rotated when rezzed in world.

However when it gets attached to the HUD, it's too large. If I can reduce it to, say, 50-60% of the original size, it'll fit the screen much nicer.

So I made the following code:

on_rez(integer start_param) {
    llSleep(0.5); // Just in case it doesn't attach instantly
    llLinksetDataWrite("_attached", (string)llGetAttached());
    if ("" == llLinksetDataRead("_large")) llLinksetDataWrite("_large", "1");

state_entry() {
    if (($is_attached = (integer)llLinksetDataRead("_attached"))) {
        if ("1" == llLinksetDataRead("_large")) {
            llLinksetDataWrite("_large", "0");
    else {
        if ("0" == llLinksetDataRead("_large")) {
            llLinksetDataWrite("_large", "1");
        llSetLocalRot(<0, 0, 0, 1>);

Works okay-ish, with a slight delay. But there is one problem:

If the bag had been attached as a HUD, then detached, then rezzed on the ground, sure it rotates to upright + return to its full size...

But because it was rezzed at 60% scale, the bag then clips the ground.

Is there a better way to achieve what I want? Preferably, not clipping the ground when it 'returns' to its full size?


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