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Forum Guidelines and Restructuring

Tommy Linden

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the new Announcements section of the forums!  We will be using this space to share announcements and information pertaining to the forums.  Over the years our forums have gone through many changes, and today we have some more to share with you. We’ve been taking a good, long look at our forums structure, guidelines and how our Residents use this space, and have come up with a few changes that we will be putting in place today. 

We’ve added some clarity to the sections, and developed guidelines which should enhance everyone's participation. We hope these new guidelines will help provide a more structured forum environment where conversations about Second Life can continue to flourish, and where members old and new alike will feel comfortable and safe in participating.

We’ve also made changes to the forum structure and cleaned up some areas that have gotten a little dusty.  Reorganizing the Land forum will make it easier to find and post about that awesome parcel/region you are selling/buying.  A brand new Roleplay category is now available to post Roleplay groups or regions that are free to join.  

We also wanted to try and help Residents understand what type of topics belong in each category of the forum. You will now find that in the pinned section of each category is a brief post with some basic guidelines for what is, and is not allowed in that section.

We love seeing the discussions about Second Life that take place here on our forum, and we hope that everyone continues to enjoy them as much as we do.

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