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The Future... Internet TV, and programs like SL?

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Calling all cybergeeks... :)

The future... is it internet TV?  (that part I'm sure is true, but I'd like to know how it would work.)

How exactly would internet TV work?  Would it beem through satellite?  Would it help get rid of the need for upgrades on things such as chips or graphics cards?  Do away with html code?  Would it be a lot easier?  Have less bugs?

I'm curious and I'd love to know how internet TV would work.  If it's just routed from a computer where you'd have to keep upgrading chips, I'd be wondering why?

ETA:  I recall about a year ago seeing an article that said the pc was already outdated but didn't open the article 'cuz I thought it sounded crazy frankly.  But I'm guessing now that article was most likely about internet TV.  Interesting.  hmmmmmm?

Thoughts, anybody?



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Well it seemed the best place to ask 'cuz it has to be served  (for lack of a better word) somewhere, somehow to either the internet or internet TV. 

I am not any type of techno cybergeek.  Where is a better place to ask?  And/or, ask to have it moved where u think people could discuss.


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We have internet TV now and it ishappening in SL.   A number of shows -- music and comedy -- are being streamed  live to the web via Live stream.  There is even a chat stream on Livestream.  We archive the stream and provide it for VOD. 

Here is a link to one:


As to the server question, that is part of how Second Life will be accessed on the web.  Linden Lab has -- and has tested-- a server capable of server side rendering.  

With that version, you don't download a big viewer.  Just a small plug-in.  It has linited capabilities, but a lot more than the flat web.

I expect Second LIfe to become an important provider of internet TV and to develop a significant revenue stream from ads.




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I would so love SL on my TV.  However, being not a geek at all, I think unfortunately, I might need an upgrade on my graphics chip in the short meantime.

I'm also asking this question because I don't want to invest in another whole computer when this is on the horizon.  Technology is evolving faster than the average consumer can keep up with.


So I want to keep my costs as low as possible ( and maybe even pass on a new graphics card for now) before I found out more about SL on internet TV and what upgrades and what the cost would entail for SL on the TV. 


I think I'd rather look into upgrading or transitioning into getting SL on my television rather than worrying about costs to upgrade a pc that can or will become obsolete too quickly. 

I'm searching google for articles and internet TV sounds exciting but a little complicated for me to understand.

I want to spend my money wisely, as I'm sure everyone does.  But, I need to understand how internet TV works and what I need to purchase (not including the TV, of course).

ETA:  In short, I think my current computer is already getting to be clunker and I don't want to spend the money on another computer with this technology on the horizon.  So, what is the best route for me to go with my money, since I want SL on my TV?

I need help, where do I start and what do I buy to make the best use of my money if I want to transition to internet TV and not spend a lot of money on another computer.  I'm a total techno dummie.  I'm so sorry but I am.  I don't even know how a light bulb works or why it works...it just does.  So, if I want to transition to SL on my TV, should I bypass the new computer idea altogether... or do I still need a computer too if mine's getting to be a clunker?


ETA Again:  I think I'm going to call my cable company and see if I can pick their brain about internet TV and if they plan to roll out some type of internet TV box within the foreseeable future.  I think I need to find out info on the cable end what they are planning with internet TV and it's future. 



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The reality of any market is it will always grow and get better,I would image that means still upgrading,chip sets all the normal things that get out dated in a few years.

The truth is I dout we will ever see a stop for the need to update.The fact are if  every one said "OK that is it,this is where we will stay for now on as far as tech " well there be a lot of business out of business .

 SL on my tv..Nothing a svideo cable can not cure for m eI  to be honest when I do  hook it all up and break out the wireless keyboard and such..it is more of a pain then a value to me and I end up back in my computer chair..

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I remember when dial-up was in it's infancy, it was a pain, but look what they have today :)

So, you think I still need an upgrade on a graphics card no matter what.  Ok, thanks.

I think the ease of use I maybe envisioning in my desire for SL on TV may be far off in the future yet.  Cause I need something more or less called "easy to do".

If anyone has the time, could they send me the components of what they are using to get SL on their TV in an IM.  I don't share people's components with anyone.  However, if you feel uncomfortable sharing your components, I understand, even if just in an IM.


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Very interesting question as all I ever watch is internet TV! I want my news NOW not in a couple of days time.

Between twitter and streaming 24hr news shows it is all I need. Mind you I did use all my broadband quota for last month and had to wait a week and a half until the new quota came into effect lol.

My PC is a very good one too, I/we tend to upgrade every 6/8 months or so and hand mine down the family line and so does everyone else. A lot of work but well worth it to make sure every family member has a reasonably capable PC.

It is already happening is the answer to your query! 8^)

Adds: I forgot to mention that I also have a USB Digital/Analogue high definition TV Stick for all the normal stuff too. So that's record on the fly and all that sort of thing. Just sensational! Who needs poor old TV! (even fancy huge wall mount plasmas - dead and buried~!)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4135 days.

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