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We are currently seeking an operations manager to assist with managing our sim, my clothing store, my film company, and some other administrative duties starting off at 12k a WEEK. 

Must be a responsible, organized person that is willing to go above and beyond. If you procrastinate, do not know SL well, have a closed schedule, or no ability to motivate yourself then you will not be fit for this position.

Duties include but not limited to:

For the sim-

- Promoting the sim and ensuring that the homes stay rented (this will require sales experience)
- Assisting tenants with their questions and issues
- Creating events, roleplay ideas, etc and ensuring the sim stays active

For the store-

- Managing my clothing store (answering customer questions, coming up with themes/sales, troubleshooting issues, managing bloggers)
- Applying to events and keeping up with clothing events
- Promoting the store in groups, social media, and other platforms
- Assist with research, finding clothing models, seeking photographers, etc

For the film company 

- Finding items for each video/movie shoots
- Recruiting actors and actresses
- Keeping in contact with actors/actresses
- Facebook Group management
- Keeping me organized and on schedule
- Helping with shoots


-  Enjoy in meeting people and help customers in solving their problems
-  At least spend on an average 3-6 hrs in SL daily --at least 5-6 days week 
-  Dependable and trustworthy 
- Some basic sim management experience
- Very imaginative, outgoing, intelligent, and experienced within SL

contact inworld: Melanin Monroe (pinkxcstasy.tylman) , Evelyn (beyonce.linette) , GioMélange (giomelange.nova) , CONTACT ALL ONCE APPLICATION COMPLETED.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/XSD4yg63tm6JEoJo9

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