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Gunner Grun

Anyone Else Having Trouble

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Is anyone else having trouble this morning, Textures moving around on me & TP fails. I relogged and when I came back it was night time then about 10 seconds later it was day time and I hadn't moved.

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No replies for 20 hours since you posted this? I was online around 20 hours ago and no problems. This might have just been one of those mysterious hiccups that happen every now again, and affect you only.

Has it all settled down now?

(A couple of asides;

SL is global, and a reference to "this morning"  might mean anything! Quote an actual time, SLT perhaps, that everyone can relate to.

Always copy/paste the whole page from Help ↠ About [viewer name] into your post. It will give all the information about your system (and internet connection, if you are logged in when you do it) that anyone trying to help might need. It often shows up typical problems pretty quickly, too.)

Hopefully, the problem has just gone away. Do let us know!

Good luck! 


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