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Hello my name is Xossi , I am 24 years old my time zone is UTC+1m english is not my first language. And i am looking for a job in second life. I am open to most things i got my nay's and yay's as everyone do but i will go into that later in this post. I have been in second life for 5 years my account is 1853 days old. I have been doing different things these years, I have been a club owner and store owner (still is). But im looking for something new and challenge myself. I tend to stay to myself in second life and not talk to people but i would like to change that and become more social. I got a partner in world that is also my real partner that support me in everything i want to do on second life. 



- In real life i am a nurse, i got my diploma in 2015 and been working since that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - I am good when it comes to fashion and designe your avatar.                                                                                                                                                                              

- Im good with huds, BOM ect. 

- I do decorate and landscape as a hobby. (I enjoy mostly decorating and designing stores/clubs)   

- Photoshop im not a master at it but i manage to get around to create good looking content.   

- I am a Chat manager for Arcade event have been for over 6 months.

- I got video editing skills , im still learning.

- Former DJ and host at my own club. (Do not do live mixing as i dont own mixing table)

- Former owner of Amaretto horses


Jobs im interested in:

So i have been looking around on what jobs there is in world and there is a few that catch my interest.

- Dancer (no voice, no cam) can be in adult club. Im a bit sceptical to voice and cam but its something i could be up for after some training and getting to know the workplace.

- Store manager

- Group manager

- Stylist

- Club manager/Hiring manager

- Blog manager

- Nurse/doctor

- Babysitter (Only Zooby) 

- Breedable's sim manager/staff

- Model for ad's


Things i need to learn more of:

- Roleplaying is number one. Ive always been interested in it but never really explored it to the full potential. Roleplay classes would be great if i get hired in a place where its needed. 


If you made it this far thank you for reading this and hope you find me interesting. If you would like to hire me or give me a trial please comment in this post what place you own/work at. I want all the info i can get about the work place :) 

Different versions of me:









Yes as you can see my style is VERY up and down 😂



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Hi Xossi

I am an experienced DJ in both worlds, and an audio mastering engineer in RL. I have been in SL for 15 years.

I am a live spin highly creative DJ that spins World Beat, Mixed Genre House and a few less than mainstream genres. Give me a listen.... this is where I have started posting recent sets... https://hearthis.at/dj-riot-grrrl/

I work 4-5 times a week at a few clubs. https://www.djriotgrrrl.com/riot-s-calender

I am looking for someone to write fresh advertisement copy every couple of weeks for all my sets. And I am all interested in finding someone with advertising/marketing experience in SL.

Please contact me if you wish to talk.  DJ Riot Grrrl (alohaai.koolhoven) in SL or drop me an email at rgriotgrrrl@protonmail.com

P.S. I am SLT +2. Female.

riot home clip - Copy.png

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