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Killian Jayaram

LSL Operators Division Problem?

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I am trying to figure out a hit system based on enemy strength with user programmable strength and my code looks a little something like this...

integer my_health = 100; // TAKES 10 HITS TO KILL ME IF NUMBER IS 100

integer health = 100;

take_hit(integer strength){
integer hit_math = (strength /my_health) * 100;
health = health - hit_math;


touch_end(integer num){


but for some reason "hit_math" keeps returning 0.

Now maybe I have not had enough coffee yet but the math should work ( (10/100) * 100 = 10 ), what am I doing wrong?

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Multiply first and then divide, otherwise the division might result in too small a result. As you are using integers, if the result is less than 1 no amount of subsequent multiplication is ever going to raise it above zero.

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