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Prokofy Neva

Tutorial on Grouping Land on the Mainland

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This is such a vexatious topic that even studying and doing this for 14 years, I can still get error messages. All the stars have to be aligned just right!

o You need the group tag activated over your head before you buy the land "for group".

o The group you are buying land for has to already have tier in it to cover that land you are buying -- tier covers land like a blanket on a bed -- you need both the cover and the bed (the land) to sleep or do anything else OR

o The group contributors have to check off 'ALLOW DEED TO GROUP' AND check off "OWNER MAKES CONTRIBUTION WITH DEED" at the same time on the land menu or the group can't receive their land.

o You have to watch that the three checkmarks before a sale all stay green or you will be jacked up in the amount of tier you pay. They don't stay green when there are things like 1) you didn't put on the right group 2) you don't have enough tier in your group; 3) you don't have enough tier in your account 4) you haven't checked off "makes contribution with deed" to add tier to the land you are contributing.

So I made a tutorial on it with a war game on a board as a visual aid -- this might make it easier for some, or more confusing for others, but in any event, it has some funny touches. Comments welcome.

Go here to Memory Bazaar in Ross here to see it -- go to the little post office with the awning and red banner outside next to the goat yard. To the left on the desk are also further cards on various aspects of making and managing groups -- a work still in progress.

This tutorial, like this whole infohub, is based on the idea of the "Memory Palace" of the ancient Romans, which is why we have the expressions, "In the first place, in the second place" in languages.

So if you want to teach about, say, how to turn on the sun, you put the lesson in a tent top, i.e. the top of the world. Or in a lantern. If you want to teach about griefing, you put it in a goat. Teaching about Linden dollars could go on a money-changer's table with a stack of bills. And so on. The user has some visual memory to attach the knowledge to. He or she can move around the bazaar and find the lessons and if they forget or need a refresher they can come to a specific part of the build.

More and more, young people learn on YouTube. This personally doesn't work for me as an old person. But I put links to YouTube tutorials on grouping land in case that's useful.

I have to see things in print and read it, so I have a notecard just explaining it simply without visuals.

The visuals of the war game are merely to make you follow through scenarios, like what if one person quits, or one person doesn't pay their tier, or you need more land, etc. 


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