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I Need Friends!

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Just a brief introduction of myself.

I'm Farrello [Fah-Rell-o] but most call me Rello for short, I've been In SL for a long time now. So I know the ropes pretty well but like anybody else I'm still learning day by day. I use to play heavy when I first started for years [2011-2014]. Then I ended up falling back from SL because I started becoming more bored with login' because I started losing communication with people on my list for various reasons (most stopped playing, ect.) I was a firm believe of staying with the system body/head when others around me started becoming mesh when I popped back in from time to time in 2016. I became more busy with RL til the fact I rarely even thought of SL. Long story Short, I came back in 2018, and I just noticed a change. Everyone was literally Mesh with Mesh heads, and eventually I gave in and purchased both within months of each. I've never been so happy with a purchase in SL before because I felt so BEAUUUUUTIFUL lol! But with good comes bad, most of the people of my list I didn't even know where I met them from (which was sad). The rest that I was familiar with when I would speak, they would rarely speak back as if I was irritating them. I just don't ask for much, I just need friends that I can talk to and have conversations maybe even explore sims with. I like to Party/Club, Take pics, and meet new people. I've tried multiple time of going places that are usually populated but everyone either stands around like bots or there isn't any people there at all. (WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SIMS!!) its literally ghost towns everywhere!. Don't be scared to hit me up inworld. Farrello Resident. Just looking to build friendship with somebody. Thank you and have a great day :D.  

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3 minutes ago, Farrello said:

Thank you I will be InWorld a little later on :)

took me  forever  to get logged on and by the time i did it  was  time to  get back   to work, but at least I can get the IM sent and we  can talk later :)


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