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Moon Fargis

Secondlife Music Video now Live!

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Greetings everyone!

We are glad to announce that the Music Video "Lakabuddhadoo" wich is entireley made in SL is now Online made for a song written and performed by Indie Artist Rob Probst!

It was produced by Moon Fargis and taped entirely in SecondLife with the help of wonderful friends. It's an example  of the  opportunities for creative endeavors in Secondlife!
Lakabuddhadoo was filmed in Hikari and the Buddha Center of SL, Satori SIMs.


Rob Probst - Songwriter and Arranger, Video Concept, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass, Lead Vocal, Background Vocals, Singing Bowls. Nick (Nicky Baggs) Baglio on drums.
Music Engineered by Chris Bodall at OverTone Music.
Video Producer, Editor, Businessman, Monk, and Father: Moon Fargis.
Choreography: Indukamala Teenage Girl and extra: Idukamala.
Mother: Gigi F. Sabra.
Extra thanks to Delani for allowing us to use Satori at the Buddha Center in SL for the dance scene. Dancers played by some of the many creative and talented friends in SL. Please like and subscribe!

Useful links: https://www.overtonemusicnc.com/




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