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How do I block someone from taking my L$ out of my account without my oermission


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Depends on who is taking money from your account. My understanding is that ONLY Linden Lab can take money from your account without your permission. Do you own property, or have a store with an ad placed... these will cause a debit to be taken from your acxcount each week.

Otherwise, you may have clicked on a yellow drop window that asked if it was okay to take money from you... never click these unless they belong to you.

The only way you can find out is to go to your transaction history. Look for a transaction for the amount missing. It will tell you who took the money... and that should jog your memory to tell you why the money is being taken.

If that doesn't work, my only other suggestion is to open a new sl avatar account, transfer your money to that new account, and close the old one that is being robbed.

Linden Lab will not help unless you can identify EXACTLY the transactions where money is being taken without your permission.

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