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Today I got back into sl after being gone  just one day and I find all my land marks (except for favorites for some reason) are gone, I mean not there at all. I logged out and logged back in, same issue. There is nothing else wrong with my folders. I moved to different locations to be sure it was not a location problem. I had did a full unistall and then reinstall,  cleared cache, including browser.still missing ALL landmarks. How can this be fixed?

Also when trying reporting a bug, even using the CORRECT password and CORRECT log in, it STILL tells me it is not correct!

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Check your trash.  If they were in their own folder(s), check to ensure you didn't accidentally move the folder into another folder.  If they end up being lost for good, I guess you could look on the bright side that it was only landmarks and not purchased objects.  

Anyway, here are some posts regarding inventory loss:

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