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I cannot age verify!

Jose Acacia
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You can try emailing a scan to support@secondlife.com People still do use faxes but I agree it is a strange thing to ask for.

The only things that would have been on your original registration that no one else should know, are your real name and date of birth and the answer to whichever security question you chose...Like Mothers name or Favourite Pet etc...Usually they ask you the question and you are meant to know the answer.

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You won`t have access to it because if someone hacked your account it is the only safeguard you have to get it back, the idea being that you already know your own info. They do usually ask for the info when you call them on the phone. See how you get on with the email and you could also try calling them on (415) 243-9000 using Skype to make it free or much cheaper.

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