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Alexa Linden

Second Life Place Pages Deploy for 08/22/2017

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Happy Wednesday everyone!


We’re starting a new Second Life Web section on the forums where we can post release notes from our deploys, go over what’s been fixed and what we continue to work on.  Before I jump into last night’s deploy, I wanted to highlight one feature which was recently released: Calendars!


We have added a Calendar feature to Place Pages.  This option is off by default but a parcel owner now has the ability to turn on their parcel’s Calendar.   To have the Calendar show on your Place Page, you will need to have created an event via  The Calendar feature is a great way of letting people know what you’ve got planned and when it’s happening!


As the web team continues to work on improvements for Place Pages, we pushed out our latest deploy last evening.  Here’s a quick overview of what’s fixed and what’s new.


We have fixed the following issues:


  • Visit This Location link on a Place Page does not activate the SL dialog

  • "Visit this Location" button leads to wrong coordinates

  • Covenant label is missing on Region Place Pages

  • Covenant is misspelled on Place Pages


We’ve also hidden the Covenant behind login so that it’s still accessible to existing SL residents but does not confuse prospective new users, who may be overwhelmed with SL terminology when thinking about their first venture into Second Life.


  • Place Pages Search and Indexing


With this deploy, we’ve pushed out our first round of changes to improve search results and will continue to find ways to improve a user’s experience.  We are ultimately planning to move away from the current search plugin entirely, but that functionality is several months away, so we are also looking for ways to improve what we have today.


Please give these a spin and let us know how they work. We look forward to your comments and bug reports in Jira

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