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Many positions available at the Prime Community.. 

Prime Community Staff Needed:

*Leasing Agents: 2 General manager 1

*1 Front Desk Rep who welcomes members to the sim who appear

*1 Leasing Agent who shows homes and will go outside of the sim promoting the community to see if anyone would like to rent an entire household or just a room/apartment

*General Manager will make sure all duties are being performed and that all staff members are reporting for duty when they are scheduled.

*Event Coordinator: Assists with planning the events for the community whether it be monthly or weekly

*Game Masters: Watch over the arcade games along with the bowling alley and conducts tournaments like chess, spades, or the game that is like scrabble.

*Gym Leader and fitness trainers: Someone who can lead the gym and has fitness equipment of their own, if not we can provide the equipment at the end of the week.

*Theater Staff: As many people willing to work on a play around the holidays

*Television & Radio Staff: As many people willing to work on television and or movie productions along with radio broadcasting for club scene or just the sim in general. Every year on December 23rd, I want to be able to host an awards show like the Oscars and the Emmys along with Employee awards for hard work.

*Fire Department Crew: Will be in charge of fires being held on the sim, they have to respond to each concern in a timely manner. Need a Crew Chief who will head the department and have volunteer fire fighters.

*Hospital Staff: We have a psychologist she just needs a staff to work in the hospital nurses, doctors,  a front desk medical assistant

*Courthouse Staff: Judge, Lawyers, Paralegals, courtroom clerks

*School Staff: Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, students

*Maintenance staff: Make sure the households are running smoothly for tenants

*Restaurant owner: someone that can run their own restaurant that can deliver food to doors of the tenants

*Cable/Phone technicians: We need staff to go and check that phone lines are enabled for the current tenants of household, by adding them to the community group after sale is purchased.

PS: Those who are under 3 months old and not willing to rent at our community are enlisted as volunteers for 90 days. If they can keep up with a schedule, are officially hired and have their paycheck every week.

For more info please contact inworld with Dita Southmoor.  Icwlindsey or chains1995.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1227 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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