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Seeking~ Co-Owner for a RP Wolf/Beast Sim

Rottenlust Nova
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Seeking Co-Owner for Role-Play Sim

Hello thanks for looking at this post, i'm in need of a Co-Owner for a Role-Play Beast/Wolf Sim, Adult!!....I couldn't afford a 1/2 or a Full sim on my own and i wouldn't be able to Manage it myself either, SO what i'm Asking for here is:


* Help with monthly Tier

* Help manage the sim 1/2 Sim or Full Sim

* Help me Create a Group for Group Access only to the sim

* Help me set up the land Decor {Trees, hidden caves/homes etc} 

* Be a Co-Owner of the Sim with me, And have a choice in Rules/Regulations

* MUST help pay half the Tier or if i get more the ONE Co-Owner then your Part of the Share~



I Role-play online as Genderfluent {Male, Female, Shemale ,etc} I'm Pansexual( not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. ) ,So don't think i would love you to be my RL/SL partner im not open to Relationships {I posted this here for a reason, some people have Mistaken this as a RL/SL partnership more then Business partnership} So please avoid any Relationship Questions or Offers! This is ONLY a business offer <3



~Pretty Simple, I just need help and You get to Half Own a 1/2 Sim or Full sim and Manage the Group/Land with me or Others!~

~! IM me In World Imxaxdevilx666 Resident With a note Card Filled with Questions/Details and a Calling Card!~

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