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  1. hello ive made mesh before done textures ect ect, but ive NEVER made mesh to fit SL body uv map.. how do i do this? my friend has asked me to fix something ive made in the past to be SL uv map compatible. ive tried using the same seam marking as the SL feet uv to be the same (or close to it) on my mesh uv but its not the same and doesn't fit very well, is there a specific way of doing this? i googled afew times nothings commign up and the only thought i had was to move the info from one to another but doesn't work
  2. hello im looking to get shading highlights etc as a PSD kit to make some skins for mesh avatars, teegle/teegle pet, twi deer & Twi wolf, river dragon, super noodle dragon. if you can help me out with any of these please contact me in world VIA a notecard with info about the PSD and which bodies your able to help with and any other questions, thank you (No im not asking for this for free although i will need to see something before commissioning you..) imxaxdevilx666 Resident
  3. Hello Mesh & Texture creators I'm Seeking to hire a mesh and texture artist with experience in complex and realistic mesh Buildings, Textures and equine accessory items in Second Life for an ongoing, long-term arrangements, Id like to be full owner and Recommend you to anyone interested in the creator i can Link them to you!(Can be talked about privately), I can spend RL AUD money that is limited on what i can afford...Im not looking for any rude or high temper people, Nor any overly excessive costs to then Decline you/them and get rude attitude.... im a nice person i dont need some R
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