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Need help for fittin a texture Uv map to a nother texture Uv map

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i got the kemono av and a custom texture for that one

I need help for fittin the Texture i got for the kemonobody to some digi legs i got also for that av

the Legs are usin a different Uv map than the rest of the body dose

i only knew few basics for texturing so i need help for that

if ur interrested just IM me Rhado2496 with ur price offer

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Are you saying you want to get a kemono skin texture to work on some non-kemono legs? If you have The UV map for the legs, you can try cutting and pasting the leg part of the body texture on a layer under the UV map for the legs, and fudge it into shape from there... I'm sure someone would be willing to do it for pay if it's worth their while, but I'd try seeing what you can do from there, first.

I mean, if you're more interested in learning it yourself, of course.

If you want to find someone who'll do it for you, about one in four people at Annie May Haven would probably either be able to do it for you or know someone who can and who needs the $L.

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