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SL keeps crashing when it is Initializing The VFS.

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I would try reducing all graphics settings to minimum and if that still doesn`t get you in, next step would be a support tech, as the cache thing usually fixes this problem.


If you are Premium, submit a ticket under technical issues category and state in the ticket all the things you have tried & ask them NOT to send you to the knowledge base or secondlife answers - otherwise that is likely to be th response you get.


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Hmm, strange, deleting those folders and rebooting computer should have fixed it.


Just to make sure that we are both on the same page, check through this link and make sure that is exactly what you did http://www.ecu.edu/ecusecondlife/help/init_vfs.html if you did anything differently, try again.


Also try logging into a different start location such as Smith.

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What OS do you have? That one is describing Windows 7, the location path for XP or Vista are:


(XP) - C: - Documents and Settings - (USER NAME) - AppData - SecondLife

(Vista) - C: - Users - (USER NAME) - AppData - Local - SecondLife


If you don`t see "AppData" make sure you followed the instructions above that on how to unhide that.

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