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Mesh disappears on upload?


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Your description is a little bit confusing, at least to me. What does "Mesh dissapears on upload" mean? Is there nothing in the preview window of the importer? Is there nothing to see when you rezz it in-world? What does equip mean in this context? Is it attaching a rigged mesh to the avatar? Or loading a mesh into the importer?

Does the importer show any error messages?
What's the scale of the mesh under the Upload options tab?

A little bit more info along with some screenshots could help.

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Unfortunately screenshots won't help because ther is nothing to see. but I can describe to you what happens.

I successfully upload the mesh with joints and weights it looks great in the upload preview viewer and goes into my inventory under the correct file name. I then equip it and it sometimes briefly appears then completely goes away.


Ive had successful rig tests before to check and benchmark my progress, but whatever is happening I can't even see the avatar.

In one odd case I decided to try and re equip my normal avatar and outfits...only to find that my rigging and weights had completely changed and I have to relog to reset it...so something is in fact applying when i equip my rigged mesh. But I cant see or discern the cause.

Ive uploaded my latest model from both blender and maya and am having this issue.


I hope that paints a clearer picture.

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I am not sure if this helps but you could try to step over the following list of questions. Maybe this can point you into the right direction:


  1. Do you talk about Bento rigs or the "old" SL Base Avatar Rig?
  2. If you use the Bento Rig, do you also use the Bento viewer or the current Release Candidate viewer?
  3. How many polygons has your mesh ? (more than 21844 could possibly make trouble, but should work)
  4. How many materials has your mesh ? (more than 8 could possibly make trouble)
  5. What material has the highest number of assigned polygons and how many polygons are assigned to that material? (more than 21844 faces on one material are likely to make trouble)
  6. Have you checked that all your mesh normals are pointing outwards?
  7. Have you checked that all vertices of your mesh are weighted to at least one bone?
  8. Does the import preview show the avatar in a default stand position when you enable joints in the previewer?
  9. Have you imported your mesh with the default SL viewer?

And finally...

Can you describe with other words what you mean when you say "re equip my normal avatar and outfits" ?

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Thanks for the check list!

1.) no im using the old mesh and dont have access to bento or any test server (despite contacting support for access)

2.) no

3.) about 4 times the ammount you put (could be a huge issue in the room)

4.) none so far I want a working mesh first

5.) I haven't separated my avatar yet I was hoping to avoid that but may have to. I have some work arounds.

6.) No and i'll check that momentarilly.

7.) Even if not weighted they are often automatically influenced to equal 1, but I would normally be able to see that in viewer.

8.) The previewer is showing my avatar as it should be for how ive prepared and weighted it thus far :) (yay)

9) No, are there pros to doing that? am i more likely to be successful?


Again thanks for the check list being helped and helping can be an arduous task sometimes when regarding art and 3D design.

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3.) 80000 faces(polygons) in a single mesh character seem like overkill. Do we talk about triangle count or Quadcount? But anyways i do not think this is your issue.

5.) Then your mesh will be automatically separated into sections od 21844 polygons because any texture face may not have more than ~21844 triangles. Drongle McMahon knows a more precise answer though :)

7.) Unweighted bones are not mapped to a weight of one. They are simply not displayed in the Viewer.

9.) The SL Viewer is the most reliable tool when it comes to importing of Mesh content.

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Good news is the mesh isn't disappearing anymore!

Bad news is i ned to figure out why all of my weights are wrong. This may have to do i hear with rotating joints before upload? Ther are a bunch of rules for the Slmesh that are arbitrary and a mine field it seems.

Screen shots for all! (using a low rez version so to not waste Linden)


in themeantime im going down other parts of the checklist.

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So things i've learned this weekend that have helped me greatly.

1.) The standard avatar that SL distributed named all of it's joints wrong. at least in the file I had...so many of the compilers in maya and blender wouldn't work with that leading to some time wasting issues.

2.) I've successfuly tested my rig both in Blender and maya and they are fully functional.


3.) I did check to see if my normals were correct and i believe without a shadow of a doubt they are as i checked the setting in blender specifically before exporting.

4.) I think im dealing with two problems. I may need to scale and resize my avatar in maya or blender before uploading and see how that goes. problem 2 if the size issue alone doesnt solve the problem, this may just be another case of weight painting being tedious and tempermental...hopefully it's the first issue...it's weid how in the viewers it animates fine but as soon as it's in Sl it goes crazy....

5.) Part of the reason i think it's a size issue is that when I tell the previewer to display joints it seems as though the skeleton and joints aren't re aligning to where they need to be....this is after flooding the avatar with 100% to pelvis to ensure a properly formed avatar as a test. Essentially the skeleton is in rest pose but its too small for the body with the arms pointing down 45 degrees through the waist and the toes pointg out through the knees of the mesh. Really silly.

Screen caps before and after joints/ weights




Thanks for pointing me in the right direction earlier again any advice or insight is welcome!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2628 days.

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