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New to SL. Serious Role-player looking for Friends!


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I am new to second life, and I am hoping to make this my new virtual hang out spot with friends, a virtual family, a virtual job and the whole virtual experience. 

A tid bit of Info 

I'm a role player at heart, I love to dive into an alter-life and get swept away for a while, so that is what I am looking for in Second Life (sadly, I'm a member of IMVU and its just not appealing to me anymore). I am looking for others who life to role play out a fictional life, and share some of the same hobbies / interests as myself. I am not looking for a boyfriend or anything like that, I am spoken for in real life and he will be playing my boyfriend - husband on here as well. :matte-motes-big-grin:

Hobbies / Interests


  • Fashion (creating, talking, shopping)
  • Video Games (game dev & player online or xbox)
  • Reading (Comics & Mangas)
  • Cooking (recipe swapping, sharing tips and tricks)
  • Netflix / Hulu Binging 
  • Anime (casual none mainstream)
  • GLBT Friendly / Furry Friendly 
  • Cultures (learning / teaching)
  • Music (anything really)
  • Kareoke / Dancing
  • Family (Virtual)

Ideal RP family

Option 1: 

  1. I would love to become a member of a family on here as a teenager and grow up over time. 
  2. I would want to have a realistic experience (school, chorse, rules...etc...)
  3. I would want realistic parents who treat me like a real life child.
  4. Have sleep overs with friends and virtaul dates 

Option 2

  1. RP as just moving to SL with my boyfriend. 
  2. Buy / Rent a place. 
  3. Find a Job.
  4. Meet new poeple who end up being my friends (besties)
  5. Start a family (when the time is right)
  6. Have birthday parties, bachelor/ette parties, wedding, baby showers....etc...Host parties (BBQs, Football, etc)

Ideal RP Job

  • Teacher; Preforming Arts or English (Language Arts)
  • Sales Rep (Retail / Real Estate)
  • Waitress/Hostess (Resturante)
  • Nurse (RN or RNP)

I would prefer anything that wasn't in the "adult entertainment" section of the classifieds


If you are wanting some of the same stuff that I have listed / talked about please feel free to message me. I am looking for people who want to become true "virtual" friends, meaning have "girl's nights", meet up and go shopping, hang out, watch each others kids, maybe be co-workers....etc.


Women or Gay Men (semes or ukes)  please :-3

Straight Men are fine too but must know how to keep it in the "Friend Zone". 


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Hi Auna how are you?

I also love fashion and shopping,

I don't actually know much about manga and anime (i do love marvel, and love Hayao Miyazaki anim movies, if that count for anything haha)

Also respect everyone as they are.

About having a family, i'm not interested in starting one, at least not right now (still trying to convince my rl boyfriend to join me here) but we could be friends, sisters, cousins, something like that, and we could definitely go shopping, girls night out, pijama parties, can babysitting you're kids, taking pictures, etc.

If interested add me :)


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2876 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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