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Looking for help!

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Hello fellow forum users, I am new here so I am sorry if this is an inconvenience or in the wrong place!
So I've been wanting an avatar of an in-game model from well... A video game.

My previous mesh person bailed out on me, and I was looking for someone who does this kind of stuff.

I could pay handsomely, I just need someone who can do a good job.

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Umm .. you're kind of asking someone to violate Copyright laws .. for money. Granted, it happens a lot, but it's not really a good idea either. This situation is even covered in the quiz you have to take before you're allowed to upload Mesh to SL. It specifically states it's a no-no.

You may wish to reconsider the idea. It could lead you into some bad places you don't really want to be. (Like staring at a Perma-Ban notice from LL for example.)

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