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serious issues with new V2 update!

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i pretty much have similar issues, im able to log in after many login crashes, but when i upgraded sl 2, the latest version that just came out, my computer seemed the refuse some of the files. i had to cancel thoses install, since then my sl is hating me. also, as soon i change a clothing layer, my old outfit prims comes back on.. wassup with that?


i have photoshoots tommorow and i cant even save my outfits because i keep losing what i was wearing.

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Even if you remove and reinstall the viewer, files are left behind on your disk. It could be that some of these files need to be removed, too, before the viewer works as expected.

Start by clearing the cache. The location, and instructions, are here. See the section on clearing the cache from outside the SL viewer.

If you don't use the SL viewer, replace 'SecondLife' with the name of your viewer.

- Luc -

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