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Patron said she rezzed a box and it disappeared?

Galilee Magic
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It sounds like an asset server problem.

Particularly when region restarts are rolling out, sometimes the UUID of an item in your inventory doesn't get properly retrieved when you rez it in life.  If this happens to be a NoCopy item, then the item (which owing to being nocopy has to be removed from your inventory before appearing in the game world) or if the item has inherited the NoCopy flag from being a container to another NoCopy item then sometimes the asset server removes the UUID from your inventory but doesn't correctly hand it over to the sim that you're in.  So when it comes to rezzing it, the UUID is invalid, and the item doesn't appear.

There are also some issues that crop up in SL where an item flies off the sim for some reason (I've had it happen to vehicles and to homes so there appears to be some correlation with size, the larger the size the more likely it is to happen).  If this happens, the item generally appears in your Lost and Found folder but not necessarily immediately.  On occasion it can take several minutes because the item continues to travel in one axis until it "falls off the grid" and is then returned.  This may also explain why it appeared in-world briefly rather than refuse to rez at all.

It's likely that the sim your customer was in was experiencing problems, and the third time happened to occur after the problems had passed, but it's not something I'd be particularly concerned about unless it happens several times.

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I would say if it was copy/mod that it may well have suffered the "flying into the distance and falling off the world" problem, but yes, if it was copy/mod the original should not have been removed from her inventory.

The other possibility that comes to mind if the person was relatively new, was that they were hoping to get a transferrable one, thinking that copy meant it could be copied to alts, but gave up when it was obvious that wasn't going to happen; but essentially yes, you're right, it is a puzzle, and I'm glad it only affected you and your customer temporarily.

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