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Cultural and Celebration Expo in EARLY MAY.

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2 DAYS, One Sim - and a WHOLE LOAD OF FUN.

Information fully coming on our magazine website http://magazine.risingkarma.net

- 2 Fashion Events

- 4 Bands  (Rolling Stones, Shinedown, Nickleback and The Eagles)

- Shopping spots for everyone.


LIVE DJs, Author readings...

and best of all.. Celebrating the pre-release of the Point Blank Versions of Violence novel, ok so that's not as important but it's a side note! (I'm the author, and my business partner says it's a cool idea.) 

This EVENT is to thank everyone for our magazine, Rising Karma press for it's first issue, which is just about to come out in a week or two.  We will release our second issue before or during this event. 

We're celebrating the birth of Independence and Business in Second Life - and are looking for Tiered sponrorship.

We have BELL ESTATES gladly sponsoring our TIER 1 section :)

Tier 2 - We have 4 spots for Tier 2 at 10k each, youll get advertising at the event, in the magazine and your own shop space. 

Tier 3 -  Smaller spots (Numbers not sure yet) at 5k each - youll be inbetween each Tier 2 shop space.

Tier 4 - Smaller mallshops inside the event arena. These are 2k each.

Advertising sponsors: Sponsor an Event, or a Band  - 10k each.  You'll have your logo placed by each event you advertise at .

Ad boards will be available at the event.

Fashion Event Sponsors: 500L for the Independent Fashion Designers slots (2 slots max) and 1000L for the Professional Designers event (2 slots max)

Independent event will have basically trained, non professional models who are in it for fun...

and the professional one will be trained models and are in it for fun, but are professional :)

IF you are an Author, a DJ or an Entertainer and wish to perform at our event please send us a notecard to Kajimono Resident, Tokyo Enyo or Andrew Canonmill.

Authors from RL and SL will be invited.. :)

All goes well, we will start an Expo business and begin possilbly in US Fall for a HOME EXPO. :)

For more information, or details head over to the magazine land at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Durdane/146/59/60

Tokyo Enyo or Kajimono would be available most days, or else skype: pretzelkarma or email: magazine@risingkarma.net

FOR ADVERTISING RATES IN THE MAGAZINE email magazine@risingkarma.net

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4056 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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