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new store how to get people through the door


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Hi, Izzy.

It takes time.. Long time, because people need to be come back again and again and bring their friends etc etc.Until it ends its circle and so its starts all over..

Now, if you are talking about just traffic numbers ... Just PAY.

There are plenty systems in marketplace witch offering L$ to people, therefore they come and park in your land to receive the promised treasure!

(worthless for me, since those people only 1 think they care of is: the L$ that they will receive. I prefare only 10-20 daily guests who come to make Shopping than 100 who come to raise my traffic numbers while they empty my pocket)

As I can see when I looked to your MP Shop, I see there 445 matching items found.

Means you ve been busy working. That's great! Congs!

I don't see the reason why you need a shop in world? More than to have your "See in world" item link?

Except if the reason is your joy? Of having a shop and "live" in it as some of us do?

But usually , whatever we do, there is no way we make the amount of L$ in world that we are making from MP..

Except if its YOU

Except if its you who run all day in SL meeting people and bring them to your land and "force" them to make shopping..

Otherwise, unfortunately there will be no sales in that Shop of yours in World...

EXcept again if...

It is inside a Mall.. Together with 10-20-50? Other shops who are ACTIVE with owners sitting everyday in their doors and welcome people.. (or maybe rent stalls in many malls)

-Sounds to me more like a Role Player than a business who needs to survive.

So... 2 thinks I can say to end this ..

Or you stay in MP and earn money...

Or Welcome to our world and spend/live with us..


I hope my poor English was good enough to express my opinion correct.

Im sure when day time comes in West USA , there are going to be a lot of people answer to this interesting post of yours!

I wish you the best success...

I will recommend a merchants group you can join to ask there, everyday live help/support from people who ve been many years in Second Life , selling products..


Second Life Commerce Merchants

Founder: Pink Linden
Open Enrollment

A place for merchants in second life and on XStreet SL to talk business. No spam is allowed. It's OK to disagree, but please do it civilly to encourage others to join in the conversation.

Here is the URL , if you allowed me :



cheers beet.

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Put a Pick with the shop location in your profile, encourage your partner/friends to do the same. Make sure the parcel is set with an attractive picture (maybe showing the types of clothes you sell), keyword density etc.

Reasoning: I prefer shopping in-world (SLM is fine for browsing, lame for choosing), and often enjoy Inspecting what others are wearing. So typically I am in-world, and I see a lovely item was made by someone. Open the creators profile, click Picks to find their store, grab store landmark from the pick and then when I have a dozen, shopping trip!

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Hi Izzie,

First there is no "best way" to get people through the door. It depend on who and what you are, it depend on the kind of stuffs you are selling, it depend on what you are at ease with, and on what you are good at.... in short, it depend on so many things that there is no magical recipe.

On my side, i do 80 % of my sales inworld. But hey... my SL incomes are not equal to a rl salary indeed, and far from this.. but they help really great to pay my expensive tier.

So here are some advices taken from my own experiment, some will work for you, and maybe some other wont work...

1- my store is more than a simple shop. ive settled it for its been a delight for every visitors to come here and hang out. The inside is comfy and welcoming and its surrounded by a beautiful plublic garden that everyone may enjoy. (for me this is really important, if i want pp remember my place and come back).

2- about 3 or 4 days in the week, i send notices in about 32 groups that allow it. I send about MM board (1 latest release every monday, so its special, and pp remember about it, and 6 days for another item less recent), about a monthly gift, and sometimes about special gifts. In a few of these groups i can also send notice about non free items, so about new releases etc. (For me its important my gifts are from the regular collection... not bad quality items.. All are same quality, all are from my regular quality... a gift is what will make pp like your brand and rem about it) Its also important that when im sending my notices and group chat message, im IN my store for pp knows they can ask help if needed or just say hi. (its basic, but always apreciated). I never hesitate to accept their friendship request... they dont annoy me usually, but they appreciate i accept. This represent about 1 or 2 hours of work 4 times a week.

3-everytime someone purchase in my store for at less 150 L$, i contact the person later (when im online) and thanks her and gift a gift cart for a similar ammount. (i can tell you that they appreciate a lot, and come back then and usually buy again for more than the ammount of the gift card)

4-Doing this, ive never had to ask anyone to add my store in my picks, i see they do by themselves :smileywink:. And of course i have myself picks about my store in my profile.

5- i have my own group for my brand + i share 2 another ones with a dear friend so i can send here whatever i want.

6- i have a subscribe o matic, and i may send thru it whatever i want also.

7- i have my own blog, where there is a page for the current gifts, a virtual visit of the land and of course i post about every new item i create. Recently i introduce my items while im also introducing a great place ive visited and try to create some storyline. I have some of my group members who are always deligtful to be model for me for this purpose. I have also a Flikr.

8-Everytime i create a new item, i send a review to some fashion bloggers. And some of them, often post about my new releases. It helps a lot too.

9- i join some hunts and make gift exactly same quality for them (that i put in sale later), it brings traffic and sometimes pp buy while they are hunting too.

Now about MP... i dont like the mp ad bec they are nothing but pot luck, since you pay an ammount but you are not sure about the number of impression your item will have.. and i feel, i cant do a lot for advertising my product there. I feel really powerless regarding the MP marketing.

Inworld its different. ive experienced that if i work seriously and with a big regularity then it always pays... and since i use to be more active than passive in my life, i m likely to prefer the place where i can really be active and do smthing for my business.

Maybe some will think i gift too much... but well, im not loosing anything when i do a gift and really often, these same persons comes back later and buy... sometimes its better to think in the long term than in the short one. And for me it works greatly.

My masterwords would be : quality, availability, kindness, regularity and seriousness 

My items are all original creations, with a recognizable style, and you wont find an item with diff color bec they are all unique and original. Its appreciated by my customers too... But they know i can make a special colors if they need.

Ive never paid anyone for wearing my items, neither paid pp for coming in my store, neither used any devices for raising my traffic.

Well its just my experience and as i said not a magical recipe.. but maybe you'll find in my posts some tricks that will help you... I hope so..


Good luck :smileyhappy:

 ETA : you may contact me inworld anytime if you want more clarification about what i said in post of course :smileyhappy:

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IzzieDaley wrote:

ive just opened a new store inworld and have no idea on marketing in sl, done the usual group gifts ..lucky letters etc.

1 - Is the store listed in your picks?  That's really critical.

2 - Make sure the parcel is listed in search. It's the best 30L you can spend.


SEARCH TIP: For EACH vendor, set the name and description of the vendor to match what's sold in the vendor.  And set the vendor object to show in search.

For example, the vendor for the hoodies could be given the name "men's black mesh hoody" and the description could say "black with white sleeve stripes, hood down or up, 5 standard sizes"

That gives your "men's black mesh hoody" vendor it's own listing in search, so when I'm in world and decide I need a black hoody ... it has a very good chance of showing up high on the list and being selected because it has very specific terms.

Don't get fancy, don't put everything you sell in the store in every description.  If I see "men women clothing casual hoody white jeans black red goth shoes bikini g string t shirt bra... etc" I'm less inclined to click the link to the store. It sounds like a disorganized mess and I want to find the danged hoody, not wade through a mess hoping that one of those things is a black mens hoody.


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IzzieDaley wrote:

thanks to all who replied some really great ideas for me to get working on, any suggestions of groups i could join to send out notecards or notices in would be great

much love Izz

check my profile, you have tons in 3 languages (english, spannish and french), you 'll have to join and then contact every group owners for being allowed to send notice.

you need to fill an apply for Fab free

and to register on a website for the one called The store and creator list.

but there are tons of others.

you'll have to try, delete the one that never bring you anyone, and try new ones etc.. till you find the ones that work you.



for you.


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