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Second Life Rigged Mesh Hair Problem

Karla Marama

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Hi! I've been creating hair in SL for a while now. 

And now that mesh is "what's hot" for the last couple of months I've been improvising mesh.

I've come so close. I've gotten it all down. I can shape my hair.. rig it and upload it. 

The only problem is that when I do.. if the hair is longer.. it gets so funky when the AV moves from my AO.

The longer hair strands do this stretching thing where it's just not smooth in a certain area.


As you can see it's all funky over the shoulder. I'm not sure how to fix this. Someone told me maybe I need to add bones to it... Idk if this is true. Does anyone know a fix to this? How is most rigged mesh hair in SL so static with our aos? I have no idea how to do this. I asked someone who gives classes but they refused to answer anythign without paying $30 an hour.. and I just can't afford that. This is why I'm trying soo hard to get this to work.

I made a simple hair structure just to test it to see if I could figure out how to fix this issue. I even made it shorter on purpose to see if that would fix it and nope.


This is it in blender.

If anyone knows a fix to this it would be greatly appreciated.

I WILL KISS YOU lmao. I'm so desperate at this point. I've been keeping at it every single day for months.


And the only other thing I can't figure out is.. texturing. I recently figured out how to get a solid base hair color down!

But now, I need to figure out how to add wisps to it using UV maps. When I go to upload my transparent hair wisp textures, it always has this funky white rainbow stuff behind the hair strands.. 



Is there anything special you have to do to get your transparent textures to upload transparent in blender?



Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance. 



-Small Update-

k I figured out the transparent texturing stuff. 

A button named "Premultiply" worked yay!

The only thing is now I'm seeing black behind it.



Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong and how to get it fully transparent?

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I'm going to guess that you've just done a straight "bone weight copy" for your weighting?

If that's the case, you've got the top half of the hair weighted to skull and the lower part pretty much weighted to clavicle with a sharp step change between the two.  Think of it like two pieces of string with a very short length of elastic between the two, you're asking the elastic bit to do a lot of stretching that it can't do smoothly.

What you need to do is make that elastic bit "longer" by smoothing the difference in weighting between the upper and lower parts and you can do that in Blender by using the "blur" weight paint tool such that you make a larger portion of your mesh influenced when the avatar moves.

In other words, I think you'll have something like this for your weighting


But you need to blend the change more like this (kinda)



Have a look at this tutorial here to see more detail on weight painting.


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It didn't appear to make a difference because you didn't really change the region of weighting.  It looked like you picked one bone and just weighted it more to that bone.

What you're aiming for is the lower part of the hair to be rigged to the clavicle, the middle part of the hair to be a mix of weighting to the clavicle AND also weighted to the skull and the top part to be weighted to the skull only.

Right now, the width of that centre region is very small.  It needs to be blurred much bigger vertically.

Here's a still from your video and you'll see that it's still red/blue.  Select the BLUR brush and pick clavicle bone, then blur that red/blue region, then pick the skull bone and repeat.   You'll need to experiment as to the size of the region but much larger than what you have at the moment.


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I love you. LOL


 I wasn't selecting a single bone before weighting...  I did have them all selected.

I get it now. Ty so so so much.



k so I get it.. you just highlighted the bone to give me an idea of where to paint the weights.. you don't acutally need it selected. Got it. Thank you.

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