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Vanishing IMs

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I'm wondering if what I'm about to describe is a new feature. Some of what happened tonight, and a little background:

For at least the last few days, letters from Second Life have been arriving in my Gmail box with the words "This notice has an attachment." appearing in the text of each, but no attachments were there to be found. Wondering if Gmail was stripping those away, I sent myself an e-mail with an attachment from another address. Gmail handled that letter just as it should have - the attachment was still there to be seen when the letter arrived. The problem is clearly at Linden Lab's end - those attachments aren't going on. And now the fun begins.

Tonight, I received a notice for an event about to get underway, thought that the event sounded interesting, and so clicked on the landmark included in the IM. But, instead of sending me to the location of the event, the system simply deleted the IM, leaving me with no way of knowing where this event was taking place. What followed, courtesy maybe of one of the most pointless and poorly thought out features I've ever had the misfortune of encountering, was 45 minutes of pure exasperation as I did a series of searches trying to find the information that the IM purging had denied me. I never did get to that event. My efforts to do so were completely thwarted by the system, and I guess, by somebody's bright idea?

This is not the first time this has happened. I find that when I've set IMs aside, for the last few days, that they've vanished. If I open the message, and then I click anywhere outside of the IM box, boom! The message is gone. No option to reread it exists, and the lost information can't be recovered from the e-mail I get from SL, because your system is failing to send those attachments.

I find that really annoying, and am wondering if I should be viewing this with frustration, or taking offense.

Is this a bug or is this a feature? If it's a feature, who dreamed this up? I'll be in the middle of a conversation in one sim, get a notice about an interesting event in another, and thanks to this quirk, be presented with an absurd choice between dropping everything and walking out of a conversation I'm in, just to plant a bookmark at the location of the event to come, or not being able to go to the event, at all. Does that really make sense to anybody at LL? Is it really that hard for, oh, pretty much any human being who has ever lived since the species first evolved, to understand that people can quite reasonably want to hold onto things that they've already looked at, or skimmed in the case of an IM that arrives in mid conversation, so that they can use the information contained later on? In real life, outside of the Internet, which of these sounds like normal human behavior?

1. Having received and read an invitation to an event that comes with a map attached, instantly throwing away the invitation and the map, counting on the near godlike perfection that one is sure one's memory will have, to help one find one's way to where one wishes to be later on.

2. Holding onto the invite and map until one gets to where one needs to be, knowing that like oneself, one's memory is neither godlike nor perfect, and that, being fully capable of forgetting what one has read, one might need the information later on.


Or, to put it another way, which of these sounds like sane behavior? Because if this is a feature and not a misfire, option two - you know, the normal one - is one that we've been denied, or at least, I've been denied. I haven't had a chance to compare notes with other users, yet, but my first guess, at a moment like this, is to assume that the system is not picking on me personally, and that the weirdness I've encountered has been run into by others. This is weirdness that wiped out the better part of an hour of my time, thwarted my efforts to get to an event, and would seem to have accomplished nothing other than saving the space occupied by a brief message.

Reality check: Disk space costs a fraction of a cent per Meg, and a brief text message with a link weighs in at maybe 5 KB. This leaves me, as one of SL's users, with a question - is it really LindenLab's position that my time, and the time of each of my fellow users, is worth less than a thousandth of a cent per hour? Because if it is, I have to tell you, that wouldn't make me frustrated, that would make me angry, as it should, because that would really be arrogant.

If this is a feature, please get rid of it yesterday, and fire whoever came up with it. Try to understand this - Second Life is something that we, as users, do for fun. If we're left tearing out our hair because your staff chose to do something inconsiderate, then we're not having fun, and the activity offered by SL becomes, not just pointless, but counterproductive. Is that how Linden Labs wishes us, as users, to view Second Life as an experience?

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Ok, those attachments are really on the inworld group notices, no email attachments are sent when you see that.

If your incoming messages get capped, or a gorup notice is old, you can open your groups window, go to that group, and there is a list of notices in there. You can still get the attachments, including landmakrs, from there.

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Thank you Cerise. Please pardon the informality, but I don't know whether to call you Ms. Sorbet or Mr. Sorbet.

I find the messages, but there has been some truncation in the case of the most recent message. The title line was lopped off, which isn't a crippling problem, because the title is present in the email, and I can pair what's in email and what's in the group archive by looking for matching content in the center of the post. But the link that was at the bottom of the post is also gone, and that can't be remedied at my end.

Loading was slow tonight. Perhaps this is a reflection of that?


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If someone IM's you and sends you a landmark, notecard etc, then that should be in your inventory UNLESS your notices have been capped. Anything being sent to you, whether it is an IM or inventory item is capped after 25 have been saved.  When a notice is capped the attachments aren't delivered, and neither is the IM however the text how is routed to your email if you have elected that option.

Obviously attachments from group notices can't be sent to your email as only text can.  I don't understand why you can't retrieve them using the group notice history though.  If a landmark was attached to the group notice you should see it on the notice when you look it up on the group site in world and be able to detach it.  If you can't you're having issues. 

I also don't understand why IM's are disappearing if you leave the box, if I am understanding you correctly and that is what is happening. 

I have never had any of this happen and haven't heard of anyone else having the problem either.  I don't think the problem is with the servers because everyone, or at least a lot of others, would have the problem, I think the problem seems to be on your end with your viewer or possibly your account.  Do a clean reinstall of your viewer to see if that fixes it. If you use a third party viewer check  with the developer about this in case it is a bug.  But if that doesn't fix it, I think you'll need to file a support ticket unless someone here sees this and knows the fix.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3413 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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