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Darleen Emerald

"Sleep " Time in statistics window

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Darleen Emerald wrote:

Does anyone know why  sim server  "sleep"  time is  now equal to "Spare" time?

perhaps Oskar  or Mastro  can explain this?




The server program is set up so that it can simulate everything going on in a region 45 times a second - these 45 events are called "frames." (This has nothing to do with the VIEWER frame rate, which is dependent on your graphics card.) If everything going on in a region totals up taking more than 1/45 of a second, the server runs fewer frames for a second and you get server lag.

If everthing ends up taking LESS than 1/45 of a second, though, there's no advantage to running more than 45 frames in a second because everything in SL is built around a server rate of 45 and if it got faster things would start to misbehave. In a lightly-loaded region the time left over from running the processes in a 1/45 second frame is called "spare time" and to keep the clock running normally the server uses this time up by doing nothing for a calculated length of time. This timed  nothingness is called "sleep". As you can see, it would make sense for "spare time" and "sleep" to be right around the same number.

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