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Qie Niangao

Keyframed motion b0rked in beta viewer (

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So this is fun. I have a grungy little ferry that shuttles back and forth between docks in Eagan. I scripted it ages ago just on a whim, so I didn't bother with making the movement realistic or anything, but at least it moves continuously, as you'd note when viewing it with the current standard viewer ( Its motion is, however, very flaky when viewed with the beta viewer: it spins past the docked rotation, sometimes well downstream, then abruptly snaps to the correct docked position where it briefly rests before going back.

I'd file a bug report, but I think it would be more fun if this made it into the release and broke all KFM content. Unless there's already a duplicate report--knowledge of which is forbidden to mere mortals.  

(Also, it gives a bit of a glimpse into how much of KFM is viewer-dependent, despite the steady stream of updates from the server.)

[EDIT: Oh, well, sure enough, there is a duplicate filed before the jira was nerfed so I could still find it. Unfortunately, it was reportedly fixed in an earlier beta, but the regression has regressed again in the new version. Sigh.]

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