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Virtual Bloke : Mesh Head & Body Basics – How to transfer your preferred body shape onto your head shape

Strawberry Linden


Virtual Bloke - 1.jpg

"If you’re new to customising your Second Life avatar with mesh heads and bodies and you’ve maybe been playing around with demos (or with one of the generous gift heads and/or bodies that creators sometimes give away), you’ve probably already realised that it’s not as simple as ‘Wear shape, wear head, wear body, and you’re done’. In fact, if you’ve followed that very simple guidance, you might be looking a bit… odd. The simple fix for that is to wear the shape included with your mesh head instead of the shape included with your mesh body, but… what if you don’t like what that ‘mesh head shape’ does to your body? This post will help you get that fixed in no time at all." Read more on the blog.


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