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SL18B Music Fest Lineup & Calendar of Events

Linden Lab


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Photo by Junie

SL18B is just a few days away, are you ready for this year’s SL18B Music Fest?

Many of the top performers in Second Life have come together to perform live at this special three-day music event, held June 17-19 at the SL18B Live Stage. Here’s your chance to celebrate Second Life’s 18th Birthday while experiencing some fantastic talent that you won’t want to miss!

This year’s lineup:

Time June 17 June 18 June 19
9am SL18B Opens   Randy De Lucia
10am     KATIA
11am SL18B Opening Ceremony with Patch Linden   SpiritLed
12pm   Seli Blackmore Semina
1pm Milan Zepp Toxie Skye Galaxy
2pm Rogue Galaxy and The Tiny Rebel Band Staring At The Sun Fly Kugin
3pm Oblee Dandy Pianoman Marqs DeSade
4pm Maximillion Kleene Mimi Carpenter Dude
5pm Erik Kottzen Ruvilyn Gatchie Effinjay
6pm Joaquin Gustav Wytchwhisper Sadofsky Gabriel da Silva
7pm   Gabriella Rothschild  
8pm   Kendall Jigsaw  


In addition to Music Fest, SL18B will be packed with plenty of other events you won't want to miss! Check out our Birthday Events calendar below to stay up-to-date on SL18B highlights. We'll be adding more updates to this calendar in the next few days - so keep checking back! Do you use Google Calendar? If so, you can also add the Birthday Calendar directly to your own calendar by clicking here.



You can also keep an eye on the Second Life Public Calendar for all Linden Lab events and in the next few days, we'll debut a dedicated Destination Guide category with many event and exhibit highlights from SL18B. Look out for entries that will start appearing in the SL18B category later this week. Follow our blog for more announcements about SL18B, Shop & Hop, Meet the Lindens, and more...coming soon!

It all starts on Thursday! Come and celebrate Second Life's 18th birthday with us!


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