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An Update on the Second Life Destination Guide and Interesting Events to Attend this Weekend!

Strawberry Linden


Pictured: SLEA

Last week I said I would offer an update about the uplift process of the Destination Guide every Friday. As of about 5 minutes ago, the process is complete and we finally have access! We are slowly updating the entries now. Since we haven’t had access to it for almost a month, we have quite the backlog and it will take some time to catch up. Hopefully, by next Friday I will have a long list of new destinations for you to explore. 

In the meantime, check out these interesting events that are happening this weekend. 

The Second Life Endowment for the Arts is having its 1st Annual Celebration of the Arts Grand Opening this weekend. The festivities start at 1pm PT on Saturday and will continue past 7pm PT on Sunday. Check the full schedule on their blog

Don’t forget to watch today’s Lab Gab, where we had the Coordinator of SLEA, Tansee, take us on a tour of the regions.


Janus Gallery welcomes a new art exhibit by Asperix Asp with a party starting on Saturday, January 23rd from 12pm-2pm PT. Click over to their blog for all the details.


The Science Circle is having a fireside chat at their region in Second Life on Saturday, January 23rd from 10am to 11am PT. This week’s discussion will focus on Covid-19 and questions will be answered by Phil Youngblood Ph.D. and Robert Hendrix MD. Click over to their website for more information.


The Sweet Spot.jpg

The Sweet Sp*t is a brand new rock venue created by veteran SL rocker Mankind Tracer (Seth Regan in RL.) The doors open this Sunday, January 24th at 1:30pm PT. For more information, check out The Sweet Sp*t Facebook Page.

You can find even more Resident-run events to attend this weekend on our Second Life Events page!


During the upcoming week, keep an eye for new entries popping up on the Destination Guide, especially in the Editors’ Picks category

Please note that the web submission form for the Destination Guide is still giving errors. While that’s being sorted, please continue to send your submissions and updates to editor@lindenlab.com and we can process them manually for you. Thank you!


Have a fun weekend and remember, stay safe, stay home, stay virtual!


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