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[GUIDE] How to find events in Second Life

Torley Linden


There's an amazing array of events in Second Life. Many of them have "real world" analogues... with a twist! For example, first life concerts aren't inundated with nearly as many ASCII art audience reactions.   Whether you want to attend a crowded party that packs the hizzouse or are more into relaxing art shows, all that's missing is HOW TO FIND THOSE EVENTS, ARRRR.

Well fear not! I've been compiling a

Guide to Finding Events

which, as the name apparently suggests, is exactly about that. It covers the default secondlife.com and in-Viewer events search, as well as manual methods, and Resident-created callouts. Try 'em all out and see what's most comfortable for you, because your interests are an extrusion of your unique personality! I happen to enjoy the serendipitous spontaneity of flashmobbing. I used to drop in on gameshows a lot because I'm trivia crazy. And I ♥ seeing many awesome avatars in the same place at once, 'cuz having a remarkable avatar is a key conversation-starter.

But I'm sure stuff is missing from this guide, which is where you come in.

Let me know your favorite ways to find events in this forum thread,

such as... hunting the green dots, those "poker chip stacks"!


But do heed this gem from Veritable Quandry in response:

I should caution that TP'ing directly to a spot with two dots can have...interesting results.

Wise words. And this being Second Life, it's not limited to two dots, either.


Recommended Comments

The Events calendar is definitely something that every new resident should be aware of.  I used it heavily during my first year in Second Life, even after finding a regular hangout.  Whenever my friends were offline and I wanted to socialize I'd check out the list of events starting in the next 30 minutes and head over to experience something new.  Sometimes it was a high stakes Tringo game, or a fireworks show to celebrate a new sim, or a dress up contest with prizes which I always felt confident in winning, or various gameshows, or a class for learning a new skill, or a group of people just sitting down to watch a movie together.  There's always something unique and fun happening somewhere.  Halloween is sure to be full of horror themed events, traditional activities and venues competing to create the best and most memorable scenery.

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It is great. As long as you are looking for the 24*7 fake never ending model contest spam that is actually an ad for a store. Maybe you guys need to be moderating the events system and dealing with the fake events if you want people to use it. I'll probably be looking at http://virtualadvisor.ning.com/events for events because looking in LL's events just pisses me off and I log off.

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@Dimitrio I just had a flashback to the first time I played Tringo! And it was with creator Kermit Quirk in attendance. Come to think of it, I remember most of the first times I ever attended certain kind of events. Made such an impression on me. I used to surf from trivia contest after trivia contest and became surly if there was a gap of half an hour between 'em.

@Ann I'm gonna check out http://virtualadvisor.ning.com/events , thanks for the suggestion.

Sorry, I didn't mean to leave comments open here -— continue the discussion in the forum thread!

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