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Addressing Your Concerns: Updates to Our Child Avatar Policy

Linden Lab


Last week, we announced an update to our child avatar policy in Second Life, and since then, we've received numerous questions and requests for further details. We understand the importance of these updates to our community and encourage everyone to keep consulting the continuously updated Child Avatar FAQ for answers to your queries.

Additionally, we invite all community members to join the Governance User Group on Thursday, May 9th, 2024, at 2pm PT. This meeting will provide further insight into these updates, including a presentation of what the new modesty layer could look like, ensuring clarity and compliance across our virtual world.

The decision to update the child avatar policy was not made lightly. It involved weeks of meticulous discussion and coordination across various departments at Linden Lab, with the Governance team at the forefront. Our goal was to balance the diverse needs and expressions of our community with the necessity to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all users. This delicate balance reflects our commitment to providing freedom of expression while ensuring that Second Life remains a welcoming space for everyone.

By taking these thoughtful steps, we are committed to enhancing our community's experience, ensuring that Second Life continues to be a platform where creativity and expression can flourish within a framework that respects and protects every resident.

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