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When I try to login i keep getting this error message "Login failed.  DNS unable to resolve host name."  Will appreciate any suggestions.

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im very mad at the fact that i cant log in and play sl it is getting very annoying im ready to just give up and stick to club cooee cuz it is was a way better game and it was an easy download and i can acually play and i honestly don't have a solution to this stupid problem and i shoulnt have to come up with one cuz we shouldnt have this problem in the first place so forget it :smileysad: 

Rolig Loon
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This a recognized problem with the current SL viewer and Macs.  See

Here's a solution that seems to work.  It's fairly complicated, but the directions are pretty clear. 

Here's the URL:

You need to add the following additional DNS servers to your DNS settings in Network settings under System Preferences:

If that doesn`t work for  you, you can go back to the previous version of the viewer here make sure you also switch off automatic updates in your preferences or it will just update you again.

Not as dumb as I look