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can i stream netflix in second life and if so how?

I would like to stream netflix in second life so can do other movies and shows. Is there a dvd player or tv that will do this?

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Netflex is a pay service just like HBO, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Startz.  In order to use the service you have to subcribe to it and pay for it.  There are Terms of Service (ToS) for all of the above that you agree to.  One of those terms are that you do not "re-distribute" the service.  That's why you don't see movies shown in places like Shakey's Pizza or you local rec center.  It's also called "pirating" when you distribute copyrighted material (a huge bone of contention here in SL, by the way).

Linden Lab does not provide any way for someone to violate others' copyrights (it's not impossible to skirt around that lack of provision but it's not something that is going to be easy for anyone to do in SL and the risk, including real life criminal prosecution, of being caught is very high).

To answer your you can not stream Netflex to SL.  Not legally anyway. 

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Just to add to the excellent ansewr you already received, if you do have a netflix account and pay for it and so can legally stream the movies to your computer, the problem is that there is no way to 'log in' to the sight from SL.  Media on a prim does not give you the option of typing anything in and neither do SL TV"s or Media players.

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I can log in to Netflix on my TV in SL. However, I cannot play a show or movie.

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I am having the same problem as is not a programming (LSL) gets redirected to a page on Netflix that requests u do something to ur computer, but does not actually work...anyone with a workaround?