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scripting a door...

can someone please help me? i want to script a door i have, that is attatched to a building i made. but i want the script to open the door, and close it, while being password protected. i've looked at many scripts, some are good for my door, but im unsure how to go about editing the script to make it password protected. thank you in advance!

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Re: scripting a door...

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There are many ways to make a door (or anything) password protected.  Basically, though, you just want to add a sensor of some kind, usually a listener, that can tell when an approved person is trying to enter.  Match whatever information comes from the person with what the script expects to hear, and open the door.

You should be aware, of course, that locks are useless in SL.  A locked door is interesting but anyone can get through one, so it really becomes an annoyance.

BTW, the simplest and best door script in SL is

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