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Why does my webcam turn on by itself?

I'm just curious as to why my webcam will turn on by itself while I'm in SL? Is this an abuse issue, or is it a setting that I'm unaware of within the program?

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You may have a webcam that is also functioning as your microphone and it is turning on because you have voice enabled in your viewer.  If you are not using SL voice, try turning it off and see if that fixes the webcam issue.


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I'm not aware of any SL Viewer Feature which Supports Webcams.

I don't use a camera, but I believe that the camera and it's program would run independently of the SL program.

Maybe another Resident here understands it better and can offer advice.

As a general security precaution and for performance reasons, you should disconnects all appliances from your PC when the devices are not in use.

I suspect it is a setting in the Camera's program. Look in your pc's start-up menu.


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think very carefully about what you have been doing in front of your webcam. You may have just broadcast some of your most private moments to the world....

Just kidding, I'd say it's that the cam also functions as a mic. You can disable voice anytime by going into your preferences settings. I'd suggest going in and messing around with some of the settings to work out what each one does. When you break something you can always find help here hehe

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