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Second Life Kittycats
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Totally worded things wrong in the other post. Ok I want to get rid of my cats but i dont know where to give them too. I dont have any NC saying anywhere to take them. So if anybody knows a nice place that would be much appreciated.

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If its cats in real life, you're best off putting notices in your local shops' windows to offer 'free to good home'. Never kill a cat, it brings you a lifetime of bad karma.  Also you can ring around animal shelters, and chat to neighbours.

If it's cats in Second Life, and they are breedable, there will be information in the notecard that came in the box when you opened your first consignment of kittycats; maybe also there are groups inworld, and if they are transferable, then you won't need to 'kill' them.

If it is cats in Second Life, though, just understand they won't really be dead.  (I know I felt pretty bereft when we had to cull 57 of our Sion chickens - sheer madness when I look back at it.)

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From what I see on the marketplace, these cats are breedables, and unfortunately they are no transfer. I don't know about those kittens, but I know that Meeroos go to the wild (which is sort of equivalent to dying) after some time (quite a short time actually) if you take them back to your inventory. If you didn't get a note card along with your Kittycats, I would suggest you go to their offical website, suscribe and contact their support to get advice and help.


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There's a forum on the KittyCats web site, www.kittycats.biz that has places to post offers to sell or exchange cats. There's also an option to send them to what they call the "Menagerie", which is sort of an imaginary retirement home for them - they'll disappear from the SL world. You actually get rewarded for sending cats there. There's an option in your cat's menu.

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Kittycats are breedables and yes they are transferable. If you don't want them anymore because of food costs or whatever then delete them, they are not real cats they are pixels so kill it kill it kill it. Or you can just give them out to friends or whatever. There is really no specific place to take them to, you can take them anywhere and give them to anyone. 

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you can give them too me

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you can give them too me my username is abigail12050515