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How do I configure Intan couple dances?
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What is the default syntax used for configuring the couple dances for Intan couple dance balls? My main question is, What exactly do the numbers mean after the animation name?


coupleSmiley FrustratedweetSlow4;d4male;.079;d4female;-.014,-.263,0,2;Slow,Sexy

Please help... Thank you


PS: Thank you Amethyst, but I have been to the Intan Eksotics website. I requested the information several different times, which was never sent to me. And it's a hassle to contact the animation makers themselves, I would prefer to know exactly how to configure the dances myself. 

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Go to the Intan Eksotics website.  They have all the dances are already configured on notecards that you need only drop into the Intan.  The notecards are sorted by the brand name of the dance.   Even if you don't have all the animations on the card you can still use it without making any changes to it. 

If your dances are new an not listed on the notecard then you can contact the creator and she will add the dance or make a new notecard if required.

If you don't already have one, you must register for an account on the website at the in world Intan Eksotics shop so that the notecards you need can be delivered directly to your avatar in world.