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  1. Thank you so much, this worked like a charm. After unlisting my items I still wasn't getting an option for deleting my items. After the force deleting of my magic boxes, I still had to manually delete each item. But I finally got my store cleaned out. Yay! Thanks again.
  2. What is the default syntax used for configuring the couple dances for Intan couple dance balls? My main question is, What exactly do the numbers mean after the animation name? example: couple:SweetSlow4;d4male;.079;d4female;-.014,-.263,0,2;Slow,Sexy Please help... Thank you PS: Thank you Amethyst, but I have been to the Intan Eksotics website. I requested the information several different times, which was never sent to me. And it's a hassle to contact the animation makers themselves, I would prefer to know exactly how to configure the dances myself.
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