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where is my menu bar at the top of the screen? it is gone and i want it back up there.

My top bar has disappeared! i have never had this problem before and i dont know what to click or press to get it back! i looked on this site for answers but the answers seem to only say that the modes are now one. i have been playing for years and fully understand the basic and advanced modes are combined into one viewer and this isnt my question. i want to know step by step how to get my menu bar back at the top of my screen. its a real problem and i cant get any work done without this bar. please walk me through what to do to get it back.

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Hello London and welcome to SL Forums. Even you accidentally hided the UI (so menu bars also) with Ctrl+Shift+U (as Irene already mentioned) you get them back automatically if you relog in V3.

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I have a silly idea. Try Ctrl + **bleep** + U (hide/show the user interface).