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  1. Aww you should have sent me an IM. I haven't gotten much done with it, they had to finish it and I just got it Christmas Eve. I do love it, I was shocked when I saw it. There is PLENTY of Protected area over here, a boat dock, lighthouse, tree with picnic lunch and some beautiful walkways. I hope any who care to visit Ebb Tide do so. Today is the first time I've had the time to work on it, so excuse the construction dust. I wish there was a REZZ zone at the dock so people could sail to here and back again. Happy Holidays!
  2. I thought the landscaping around the 5 homes was very pretty and well done. I liked the shareable area. I'm sure they went Victorian style because of user feedback. What I don't know is what makes any of these an OOAK.
  3. You can have 5 characters on your account per email address. That is one account. Even though 2 of mine are premium on one account, only 1 of them can claim a home. One premium home per account/email address. I'm sure there are others that sign up on multiple email accounts, but each account would have to be premium to get get a house on each.
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