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  1. Sorry, I think I confused the issue by adding about the pricing changes. The items that were magically marked as active were definitely available for sale, and some still are. I only removed the ones with the full perm animations in. They did not have any isssues with cross linking. The prices were the same, texture was the same and they still had me as the seller. The following item is one that was unlisted by me months ago and not marked active by me. I just purchased it from my store listings to check and it was delivered fine - I had unlisted this particular item because I wasnt happy wit
  2. I have mentioned it on Jira WEB-4587 already. I have seen others report it, they just havent mentioned the reason why their items were marked as unlisted. I still have a numer of items that are now marked active that I had unlisted for various reasons. These two stood out because of the potential consequences and luckily I was able to edit them to remove them. I also have items where the price has changed. A 99 linden item is now 1 linden , another 99 linden item is now 600 linden etc. I can see huge problems arising from this too, If people are selling items with sculpts/animations/templa
  3. Amongst a myriad of other problems I am experiencing in my Marketplace store, I have a stool and a pool in my magic boxes and in my merchants listings on the Marketplace that were unlisted due to them having incorrect permissions set on the animations. They were listed over the last few days (not my doing) so anyone that may have purchased them could edit and rip out the animations full perm. It only takes one person to find this out and for the animations to spread across the whole of SL with full permissions. Who knows how many others this has happened to... There are so many reasons why an
  4. does this mean the lindens are now going to the person whos names are on my listings?
  5. I have the same problem. Different people as selling my items, price changes, item name changes . All of my ratings are missing...
  6. They are not in the wrong category and they have all been magically relisted now that I have submitted a ticket. This happens to me quite a lot, sometimes it appears I have no items at all, they dont even show as unavailable, they just arent there.
  7. Hi All of my items in the marketplace have changed to be unavailable and I dont seem to be able to change their status. I havent sold anything for 2 days due to this, More annoying as I have paid for enhanced iisting on some items.
  8. Im not sure that is the case.I have deleted all other boxes inworld and on the website. I get this message when I look at the status of the box: "Unassociated Inventory: Items in the inventory of one or more of your Xstreet SL Magic Boxes which do not have corresponding items in the Marketplace. " - most of my items are in this category, although some are being delivered anyway. I dont get it...
  9. I have moved my magic box to a different sim and most (not all) of my transactions are failing. Can anyone help please?
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