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  1. We have 1/4 Full Region parcels for sale - 16,368 sm 4,999L a week - 3746 prims Please contact Pearl Vollmar inworld - Serena Estates Manager
  2. Está ficando frio lá fora (na Europa pelo menos rsrsrs) e estamos todos desejando a neve e aquele sentimento bom de Natal. Enquanto isso não acontece na vida real, você pode ter seu próprio paraíso de inverno em SL em Serena. Temos 1/4 homestead lindamente decorada para o inverno. Mais informacões com Pearl Vollmar no SL. 936 prims - 1994L por semana
  3. It's getting cold outside and we're all longing for snow and that nice Christmas feeling. While that doesn't happen in RL, you can have your own winter wonderland in SL at Serena. We have 1/4 homestead beautifully decorated for winter. More info ask Pearl Vollmar inworld. I'll be happy to show you around, but make sure you're wearing something warm brrrrr.
  4. All I know is that I've used Eldex Exchange for almost 7 years and never had a single problem with them. Money was in my bank account 2-3 days after I cashed out. I live in Germany and Eldex is in Germany, so it was perfect. Now I have no idea how to go about this. If you guys in America wait for 10 days for money to com to you.. I wonder how long it will take for us in Europe.. I know a lot of Europeans facing the same problem, and have no money to invest in SL either because they don't want to use their credit cards. And I feel sorry for the workers and owners of Eldex. This was their R
  5. I've just had a good laugh. While checking what came before my mermaid items I found "dog poo"! I checked the keywords and nowhere did the merchant mention mermaids. But guess what? The name of the store has "mermaid in it. So I won't be surprised my items appear when someone types "pearl" on search. Until LL fixes this kind of thing, no matter how much we correct our keywords, there will always be problems
  6. Thanks Trinity, it makes me feel better :-) I'm still laughing about the betta fish though lol But to give you an example: I made an outfit totally from scratch using a crocodile skin texture. It was flagged in this "new wave" that's hit me under "keyword spam". I checked and found the words "crocodile skin" (together) and I thought.. that must be it.. I'm not selling crocodile skin, it doesn't matter if it's made with crocodile skin. Took that one out because I couldn't find anything else wrong. Just waiting to see what happens.. But you see? It's just guessing. We should have more infor
  7. I didn't feel you were attacking me at all. I just wanted to make clear that my point here is not that my listings are perfect. I just do find strange that suddenly I get it every day. I cannot find my own products even when I type the right keywords, how can someone be finding me 15 times in one day, every day, and in the wrong category or wrong keywords? What bothers me is that LL told me that if you list it again after it's been flagged, and it's flagged a second time, they remove the item completely, which has happened to three of my products. I corrected what I thought was wrong (some
  8. Thanks for pointing that out Drake. I'm going through my listings right now. This is one of those cases of me copying from one listing to the other, which I mentioned above was happening. I do have a complete female mermaid avatar which comes with hairbase, skin & shape, eyes and a fantasy skin and I copied it from that one when creating the new listing, and, for whatever reason, forgot to erase. I did not say all my listings were perfect and I did find some words now and then that I said to myself "what was I thinking?". The case of fish and betta fish for example.. well probably beca
  9. I had this item under complete fantasy avatars category. It's a petite avatar and that's where all other petites are, but it was flagged under the wrong category. It is now under Avatar Appearance » Complete Avatars » Complete Human Female Avatars with clothing Now let's wait till someone says that's still not the right one because it's a petite, not a normal sized human avatar.
  10. Yes, I can change them into that category Trinity. Just hope that someone else doesn't have a different opinion and my item gets flagged again and my item, without any warning, gets removed. I would really like to have a clear statement from LL as to how they go about items that are flagged. My wrong listings and categories have all been so far, honest mistakes. I agree with you that it's not the right strategy to list items in the wrong category or spam with wrong keywords. I'm checking through all my listings right now to see if I copied keywords from another item and forgot to erase one or
  11. Unfortunately I cannot post a picture of what I get when I go to the homepage and choose the "tiny" category under communities. LMAO big time! edit: make sure you have adult enabled -- still LMAO
  12. I went from the homepage to the fantasy category on the left, and that's what I got.. shrugs.. no idea why. I thought about that too, that I should then put it under avatar skin & shape, but then comes someone and flags it because it's not in fantasy? The problem is that I am really lost and even afraid to relist it. And I did file a ticket and asked them to investigate. I find it really strange that I have 10-15 items flagged every single day. They did not answer that question. They simply told me look under the listing rules and gave me a link to it.
  13. Yes, but she's not the only there. And my fantasy skin has been unlisted, and some even removed Ryota when they clearly ARE fantasy. I don't know if I laugh or cry...
  14. Thanks for the laughs Darrius, I really needed it. *goes back to vacuuming the house and throwing her anger in the vacuum cleaner
  15. But just look at what you get if you, on the main page, choose the fantasy category. It made me laugh out loud here.
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