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  1. Hello photo lovers, :) i really like it to take snaps ingame. Portraits, Landscapes, Events - all what i love. I don´t do much in Photoshop, i use nice windlight settings and the viewer filtre. If you are interested in my work and you need a photographer or me as model or have a place in a gallery (my dream) drop a nc pls. I´ll show you here different snaps from me and hope, you´ll like it. :) //Tips and constructive criticism welcome// June ♥
  2. The same here. I can´t buy L$. I´m stuck on the cashier tab and get always a white window.
  3. Hello everyone, is there an option where i can make body parts like a mesh hand and feets and so on locked? For example - I often lose my hand, when i wear bags or i lose a mesh eye, when i wear a headflower. :-) This would be a good idea...or not? ...just a thought (yes, i know i can ADD things)
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