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  1. I have them invading Sled as well...can't get the object it is on the ground at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sled/71/198/152 behind a privacy barrier...
  2. I have been getting this message...it fills up my screen ...it comes in multiples and each message box contains a different number that the "bug" is coming in on...constantly changing number with each new batch of messages that appear...they accumulate and I cannot get rid of them. I tried using my firestorm viewer with no luck...I tried deleting the sl viewer from my computer and re-downloading the same thing. A friend who uses the location that I was on came ot to see if it happened to her...and it did...Additionally the name Angelique Brinner comes up on the messages. This prob
  3. I have tried just about everything LL has told me about fixing the billing problem...just about. I refuse to pay to phone England, during the day--from Canada--to have the problem (hopefully) resolved. I am now in the process of liquidating my mainland and rentals. I even borrowed money from SL friends to pay rents. I will have to pay them back with what remains of my stipend. And it is very frustrating when I have said I have done everything (except the phone call) that LL support suggested and they start giving me the same suggestions again...like...download Opera and so on...I have dev
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