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  1. Hi, I have a full private sim that I am looking to sell. are you still looking?
  2. i have someone ask me at least once a week about the new second life grid and how it will effect them. it is true that there are more than one virtual game already and therefore people have the choice as to which game they wish to invest into. all questions being asked are completely relevant and not un expected. Many have joined sl and grown with sl over a number of years, some have been here non stop for years, some gone and come back. reason being is at this time SL is still one of the best and in some peoples views still the best virtual world available. the main question i think should be asked is why are we not seeing more regulat updates. its the un known that brings people asking more questions, people worrying, people not investing, builders leaving. and as a result this impacts on the profitiability of secondlife. is it possible to run two worlds along side and still be profitable ? it could be, it might not be. who knows, but not giving those that have been on the sl journey more reasurance is in it self not benifiting the people playing or lindens pockets. there was once more than one sl, one for the adults and one for the teens, and if i remember rightly, the two worlds were merged to save on costs. there is more competition now and with that linden need to fight even harder and with that they need to keep their customers happy. just a few regular updates would be nice
  3. i have a parcel on mainland and cant access without a guy killing me every time. i sent a report on him, but nothing has been done, this is land im paying for, the guy isnt a naighbour. i dont own the full region so cant ban him. whats my options?
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