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  1. They were added just to provide some realism and approve the appearance of the plot. The sounds were off as sometimes I find them annoying, especially when I am trying to concentrate on creating something. We also ensure any sounds are limited to the parcel as don't want to be 'those' neighbors. He had only been offline 24 hours at the time, nothing sent through to emails.....no IMs before he went away. When I notified him on skype yesterday he was just as shocked as I was. I am hoping a NC has been sent to my partner with an explanation but we won't know until he returns.
  2. I completely understand she has to been seen as acting towards a complaint. Just a little heads up or a quick IM saying a complaint had been made can you sort it. If I ever had an issue with someone else's plot (which I doubt I ever would do as never like to invade someone else's land) I would just say something direct to them. Guess not everyone works the same way *shrugs*
  3. Just a simple IM or something and a bit of time to amend would of been so appreciated! About half of the other plots use the same design as us, with some of them having the beach/waves right out on the waterways. Their plots remain untouched I am sure ours was set to phantom. Even if not, it could of been amended in less than 5 mins as I was online at the time she cleared our plot. Just incredibly frustrating and annoying we were the only ones targeted.
  4. Yeah, I was worried this might be the case. Just so upsetting and frustrating as has been our home for so long and has never been an issue. Then out of nowhere....lost and found folder starts being bombarded with no word
  5. Looking for a bit of advice. My partner has been renting a plot of land for over 3 years. Has always paid rent on time, never in arrears and kept within prim limit. It's a small island plot within a sailing sim.In the covenant it says that the waterways are to be kept clear. To soften the edges and to create some realism, he added the Skye beaches and waves. It has been like this for 3 years. The sim owner has been to the sim on many occasions and has been to the plot numerous times and so is aware of how it looked. Has had no issue as the prim is technically on the land
  6. NEW ADULT BASED VENUE OPENING 25TH AUGUST 2017! ~The Midas Lounge~ is looking for confident, experienced and stylish team players to join our new adventure! From the creator of the Lakeside sim, The Midas Lounge is a beautifully decorated adult hangout venue with an exclusive VIP lounge that will be accessible to members only. We require dancers/ escorts and DJs. The role will require acts of a sexual nature. Also, we require your avatar to have a mesh body & hair and preferably a mesh head unless we feel the shape has been made well. A wide range of quality clot
  7. Hi Thanks for your reply. I have subdivided land a few times on my sim but have never attempted to set it to a different group. I have managed to rejoin the 2 plots by reselling the land to myself. So, there is no way to have part of my building set so only members of another group can access without it affecting the prim allowance and a load of stuff being returned to me?
  8. Hi. So I just rented a plot of land. I have subdivided it into a few small plots. One of the plots I wanted to set to a different group so group members only had access. When I did that a load of my building whooshed into my L&F folder and put a LI limit of next to nothing on that plot. Also, it's now not letting me set to a group etc.....almost like I don't own the land (despite it saying it it owned by my group in the land info) Now I can't rejoin the plot to the main part of the land. It comes up with this: You selected land with different owners. Please select a smaller area
  9. Hi Sorry for the late response. The content is not from my own personal library. `It is just one of those devices I purchased from MP where they update the titles on a weekly basis I think.....their source is unknown to me Some of the films have Japanese subtitles if that helps in any way? Sorry, I am the most 'untechinal' person I know LOL. IF I was going to rez onto my sim (which I haven't done as yet as wanted to steer clear of trouble) there is not going to be a charge nor advertised anywhere.
  10. Hi I just purchased a television from the Marketplace and at the moment it is on my private plot of land where it can only be viewed by myself and a couple of friends. I was planning on moving it to my sim. It is open to the public and so the stream would be viewabe by anyone who visits. Question is, it is illegal to have such devices in SL? Is it illegal for myself/friends.....or potentially, general public to be viewing? If it is illegal then what are the consequense? Plus, surely all such devices should be banned from SL? I sound like such a noob LOL but never really thought about it unti
  11. I occasionally stream my own music on my sim and have for the past few months and I rent my stream in world. To save myself time (and forgetting) I would pay for months in advance. Anyway, today I pop along to the store to check my remaining time allowance to find the store is no longer there. The account/store holder has also cleared their profile. This is making me think they have left SL. Obviously I have a lot in advance for a service :/ Is there anything I can do to get my money back? I know it's a long shot and I feel a fool for trusting someone would stick around for a period of time bu
  12. As any sim owner or creator knows a lot of time/effort/money goes into creating your ideal place. Is it allowed for a person to come and take numerous photos of your sim, put them into background 'packs' and sell them without the sim owner/ creators permission? I understand people use sims as backdrops for photography......but to take shots of the sim to sell as part of their business to me seems a bit cheeky especially without permission :matte-motes-sour: Is it common? Am I just overreacting? Is it maybe even illegal? Guess I'm just a little miffed as we have worked hard to create a lovely p
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